Opinion - Six Challenges to Forming a Fascist Group

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Six Challenges to forming a Fascist Group

In many of our communities, we have to begin grassroots level organizing and networking on our own. How do you form a fasces from just a single stick??

It's just you. YOU'RE the guy! Each of us, then, becoming persons  of influence in our communities, can strengthenfascismas a whole, by eventually bringing more people into the truth. More sticks, a strip of leather...a blade.

How you can expand your network:

As I said, we can each become persons of influence in our community.

The number of people whom you can trust to stand beside you manning a roadblock barricade to defend your neighborhood will be more important than how many likes you can get on Facebook, or followers on GAB or Twitter. Fascist America needs grassroots networking, from the ground up.

Your people are counting on you.

Challenge one

Everything starts out small.

Locate meeting places: gun shops, shooting ranges, Veteran’s organizations, speedways, certain bars, and anywhere we hang out, can be cherry-picked for those who are amenable to radicalization.

Challenge Two

Get to know your local and County police, if they aren't cucked. Do not trust them. Just know them. If your police force is too cucked and dangerous to even know, RELOCATE NOW.

Challenge Three

Get to know your neighbors, starting with those closest to you. Be friendly, pick up trash alongside the shared road, invite them over for a beer or barbecue, have play dates between their children and yours, or give them your number to call if there’s anything suspicious going on in the neighborhood. Make a point to touch base with them regularly. Earn their trust, for future influence. Remind them that we are stronger when we care about each other.

Challenge Four

Begin feeling them all out for potential radicalization and usefulness. Keep notes. What resources or skills do they have? What experiences, such as job or military, do they bring to the table? How far along the path can they be brought towards us, ideologically?

Challenge Five

Develop a list of desired resources and skill sets which are still lacking in your growing network, and work to develop a plan to actively seek out and recruit new individuals with those specific assets.

Challenge Six

Begin physically meeting once every two months, to share your results and progress. This means that you will all be accountable to one another for working on the network. This is whatfascismis. Offer advice, assistance, and encouragement, as needed, to one another, as well as share ideas and inspiration. This will help maintain everyone’s focus and direction. Those who are unable to attend, despite their best efforts, should be in communication.

A leader will emerge. It will probably be you.

You have what it takes to be a leader of your people, and to begin a local group.

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