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Quotebubble.png Look, There is no fucking way I am ever editing my own article. No way. So you guys just put whatever the hell you want on that thing, but if it turns into some lame-ass bash-fest I'm deleting it.
—Archangel, after three shots of Stolichnaya


Archangel (his legal name), also known as "Archie", (b. 1964) is an American Internet personality, game designer, and entrepreneur best known for his on-air radio talk shows "The Archangel Show" "The K0llege 0f Kriminal Kn0wlege" which broadcast via KLAV Las Vegas and KGO San Francisco, and for starting various other projects, including FasciPedia. He is the primary producer of FasciPedia. the site is his brainchild, and he is the primary catalyst. He does not do it all himself, There is a team, and he has stated multiple times that FasciPedia would not exist if it were merely a team of one. He expects for you to do your very best to make as much articles as you can in order to keep Fascipedia alive and running. He is very intelligent and will debate anyone to get them to know the truth about Fascism and National Socialism.

Debate with Milo

The absolutely one-sided result of "The Great Debate: Archangel vs. Milo.

Against all expectations, Archangel absolutely destroyed Milo in GAB's Jan 4th, 2024 "Great Debate".

Yes, Milo had a stronger hand, he's well known, has a staff, etc., while Archie is an ex-radio talk show host. But on issue after issue raised, Archie was able to instantly recall facts, and .anaged to make Milo look like a complete idiot.

But the surprise was in his strong and persuasive presentation. Due to his adult no-nonsense style, Archangel is often perceived to be wooden and boomerish. Milo, on the other hand, is a smooth-talking, politically clever leader-in-waiting, somebody who meets Presidents. (Note: Archie has met a President or two himself)

Milo was glib, to be sure, but he turned out to be all fluff, unable to answer questions that he surely saw coming, or at least should have seen.

Milo embarrassed himself by disputing indisputable facts; he had no answers. He could not explain inconsistancies with the holocaust narrative, or why black crime is under-reported.

Asked about these issues, Milo mostly skirted the questions, denied the facts or pivoted to talking up President Trump’s record.

Asked if Trump's "Operation Warp Speed" meant he should not run again, Milo dismissed the question out of hand and pledged not just his loyalty to the Trump ticket but also his enthusiasm for his reelection. Given the anti-Vax crowd watching the debate, his commitment to the ex-President seemed insincere if not downright absurd. 

Milo smirked and laughed throughout, as is his style, while engaging in petty and personal attacks on Archangel, who was focused like a lazer; perhaps Milo considers Archangel to be a possible rival down the road.  Many of his jabs were simply not true.

The voting sample was the largest ever since GAB started the debates, and the results are absolutely clear.

Preventing the "Gab Nab"


Archangel brought attention to a group unknown group admins who were in the process of taking over Gab's 30 largest groups and organized action committees the halted the process before the take-over was complete.

The "White Protection League"


The "White Protection League" is the largest group of its type on Gab. Its original owner closed his Gab account and returned to twitter, leaving the group unmoderated, filled with spam, an echo chamber, and unable to accept new members or with the ability to share posts. Within a week, he convinced 1000 (The active posters) people to move to a replacement group that he had formed with some of the key members. However, this situation still left thousands of less active members stranded in the original group. Archangel was able to contact Torba directly and negotiate release of the group. Something Gab never did at that time. This saved the group.

Interesting facts

  • Birth name was Caesar Dinucci
  • Archangel has had a name change 3 times resulting from his mother entering the witness protection program briefly when he was a small child.
  • One of first 100 people on GAB. Charter supporter.
  • 100% Italian (Neopolitan and Etruscan).
  • Archangel is world traveler, and speaks five languages, German, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, and English.
  • Single engine pilot
  • Archangel is an ex-Mensan. Promethian now, his IQ occurs only once in every 1,100,000 people.
  • He is a 3rd generation fascist from a fascist family.
  • Archangel considers himself a Constitutionalist
  • He was a competitor in UFC 3, Las Vegas, and won all his fights, but could not continue due to a broken thumb.
  • Archangel attended Pontificio Maggiore hoping to become an exorcist but did not complete the necessary courses.
  • He lived in a tent, in Alaska before moving into a cabin.
  • He built the cabin all by himself.
  • Archangel is his legal name.
  • Archangel suffers from a degenerative lung illness, but can also hold his breath for three minutes
  • INTJ-enneagram 1,3.
  • He was the manager of CBS Sportsworld Casino in Las Vegas
  • He was host of The Archangel Show (KLAV Las Vegas)
  • Archangel has been to every state.
  • He studied martial arts in Japan and holds the rank of Oku-sandan in Daito Ryu Aiki Jujitzu (a teaching certificate), and a Nidan in Iaido (sword).
  • Archangel is a published author
  • He suffers from arachnophobia due to an incident as a child, and scubaphobia due to an equipment failure while taking a scuba diving class.