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For other uses, see Canadian Nazi Party (disambiguation).

The Canadian Nazi Party was declared around Hitler’s birthday of April 20, 1965 by John Beattie. The party never had any official membership or legal status. Authorities estimated it had about 50 supporters. Political activity of the party was limited to speeches given by Beattie at Allen Gardens park in Toronto which often resulted in riots and arrests.


The party was influenced and modeled after the American Nazi Party founded by George Lincoln Rockwell. Both parties were renamed on January 1, 1967. The American Nazi Party became the National Socialist White Peoples Party and Canadian Nazi Party became the Canadian National Socialist Party.

Almost from inception, the party was infiltrated by a private investigator working on behalf of the Canadian jewish Congress.[1] John Garrity over a few months was able to provide to the Canadian jewish Congress records and correspondence of most individuals connected to the upstart party. The Canadian jewish Congress found the Canadian Nazi Party useful in passing restrictive "hate speech" legislation in Parliament.[2]

The Canadian Nazi Party (later the Canadian National Socialist Party) was the Canadian affiliate of the World Union of National Socialists. They had no newspaper of their own but distributed publications issued in the United States such as TRUD!, Common Sense and White Power.[3]

In 1978, Beattie abandoned the party and it was dissolved.

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