Cultural Marxism

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Cultural Marxism is a Theory regarding the development of societies. It argues that a small clique of left-leaning individuals - usually judeo-marxist - reach important positions of authority with regards to public discourse, such as university professors, movie producers or news aggregators, through a process known as the "Long March through the Institutions", to only Then influence said public discourse towards more "progressive" ideals. It is also sometimes argued that this is done through the help of subversive elements within the system such as the bourgeoisie, in particular bankers (whether central or not).

It is utilized particularly within the American New Right (also called the "Alt-Right"), which argues that it has worked to degrade the United States and its people since at least the post-Second Brothers War era, really gaining traction with the Hippy and Civil Rights movements.


First the devolution of movies is well document across multiple websites and general decreasing critical reception. Everything from post processing becoming the defining element of virtually all cinema to the writing and acting deteriorating into flaccid, unoriginal content. Bordering on unwatchable in most cases. Worse, this rendered the educational benefits of television and documentaries all but voided and created an almost miniature dark age. As trying to find anything current and reliable from high dollar productions in an exercise in futility. Forcing many back to research ten or even twenty years old to find reliable research material.

Certification standards

As the present professional certification standards are so abysmal as to make truly neutral works suspect in accuracy. the cultural relaxation that good entertainment provided has also dissipated and classical pursuits and hobbies have been making a comeback as a result. This is for the better. Considering our own movement is heavily tied to that. But overall, the lamentation for good commercial works is a very common complaint nowadays.

Lost Standards

The lost standards are all a byproduct of the decreased capability of the producers, however, as one's works are but a reflection of himself. Largely this could be tied into jewish nepotism and taking on a much heavier hand of not allowing non tribe loyalists into Their networks of distribution. But it also casts a dim light upon a race of men which grew up to be the inheritors of human destiny squandering Their spiritual legacy and the rest of our collective potential for misbegotten pride. Arrogance to think they alone had the right to decide.


Regardless of cause, though, we find scientists, police, white collar, teachers in particular, and other college graduates to be almost at a state below that of the common man. Yes, experts have sunken so low as to almost be regarded in the same way one would think of a confidence man or criminal.