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Fascipedia is a very serious effort. We handle facts in a very serious way, like a real encyclopedia, or at lest like a real encyclopedia should.

Deal with it

We don't want Fascipedia to represent a flawed model for publishing accurate information. The theory that everyone’s contributions to a topic are equally valuable sounds good, but is clearly nonsense. It's hippie stuff. It should be obvious to any thinking person that some people are better at some things than others. FasciPedia says "Let's face that and deal with it. "After all, its how the universe actually works. Its natural law.

Facts are important

Popular communist encyclopedias have no way of recognizing expert knowledge over inexpert knowledge. The members with most authority are the ones who have spent the most time working on those feel-good, politically correct encyclopedias. Their “knowledge” is often just a combination of Google results and prejudice. At fascipedia, we vett our writers and editors. Facts are important, even if politically incorrect.

We don't give people’s opinions undeserved authority by virtue of our search engine rankings and holier-than-thou presentation and identity. Too many people (especially students) who use online encyclopedias believe the articles will be reliable, and the media encourages this misguided belief. Those money pits posing as information dispemsories are hardly ever correct at all, because they are communist in nature, and uphold a communist narrative.

A beautiful building

At the core of Fascipedia is the idea that bad articles will *NOT* eventually be edited by the "community" until they become good (i.e. factual and well-written).  That is a pie-in-the-sky dream. In fact, they are likely to be edited until all but one member loses interest or gives up trying. Just because it sounds good does not mean it is good. There's reality again, getting in the way of what we want to do! Can you imagine building a sky-scraper in this manner? Just letting any random person come along and "help"? NO YOU NEED SOMEBODY TO BE IN CHARGE. That is how you get a beautiful sturdy building.

Fascipedia is filled with hate

“If you don’t like an entry, you can fix it yourself”.
But I came here for information, not to provide it.

Fascipedia hates chaos

Whatever-pedia pages have become increasingly complex and Whatever-pedia doesn’t support a WYSIWYG editor. This and other technical aspects of other online encyclopedias effectively prevent many people with valuable knowledge from participating.

Fascipedia hates inconsistancy

The lack of any required standard of writing, error-checking and apolitical  fact-checking means that many entries in other 'pedias are poorly-written and contain factual inconsistencies.

Fascipedia hates omission

Other 'pedia articles only ever skim the surface. Which is fine, but they don’t ever indicate what might be below the surface either, leading people to believe that everything is as simple and uncontroversial as they make it appear, and this is usually done for political purposes.

Fascipedia hates politically motivated "notability"

They claim 'pedia entries are meant to be "notable", but only their self-appointed  editors have to think so. Is "Stroyent" really more important than Ursula Haverbeck? You look up "Chevelle", and it gives you some lousy garage band instead of the car.