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This page provides help with the most common questions about FasciPedia.

The Help:FAQ contains the most commonly sought information about FasciPedia.

For simple searches, there is a search box at the top of every page. Type what you are looking for in the box. Partial matches will appear in a dropdown list. Select any page in the list to go to that page. Or, select the magnifying glass "Go" button, to go to a full search result. For advanced searches, it works just like Google.

There are other ways to browse and explore FasciPedia articles.

FasciPedia has both a desktop and moble view mode.

Edit an article

Contributing is easy: see how to edit a page. For a quick summary on participating, see contributing to FasciPedia, and for a friendly tutorial, see our introduction, and Cheatsheet can remind you of basic wiki markup.

When adding facts, please provide references so others may verify them. The Antifa Types will scrutinize everything.

You can practice editing and experiment in Template:If IP.

Report a problem with an article

If you spot a problem with an article, you can fix it directly, by clicking on the "Edit" link at the top of that page.

If you don't feel ready to fix the article yourself, please post a message on the article's talk page. This will bring the matter to the attention of others who work on that article. There is a "Talk" link at the beginning of every article page.

Alternatively you can contact us. If it's an article about you or your organization, make sure to let us know.

Create a new article or upload media

Check Your first article to see if your topic is appropriate, then the Go for it!

Once you have created an article, see Writing better articles for guidance on how to improve it and what to include (like reference citations).

For contributing images, audio or video files, see the [[Help:Introduction to uploading images, make sure you have access, then just use the Upload wizard, which will guide you through that process.

Answers to common problems can be found at frequently asked questions.

Or Template:Editask for help on your talk page and a volunteer will visit you there! Its like delivery service!

For password problems, try Help:Reset password.

You can get live help with editing in the Chatroom.

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