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How to start an article on

1. You need a account. Unlike other online encyclopedias, we can't let just any random faggot anonymously edit the articles. We want people in our circle. White nationalists, National Socialists, other fascists, etc. Honestly, even a judeo-Communist would be perfectly welcome as long as they are well behaved and are present just to keep us honest. We aren't afraid of facts. So get an account. Then do the next step.

2. Pick an article. Type the name of your proposed article into the search bar. If the article exists, feel free to edit it. Have fun. We all edit each other's articles.

If the article does not exist, tap the red link to "create" the article. This will bounce you into an edit screen.

3. To create a start article, make it a "definition" article, like in a dictionary. Write the word and the definition. 3 or 4 sentences are all that's needed. Then at the bottom, write: "[[Category:Definitions]]" Done.

Examples HERE and HERE.

Want to do more?

4. Expand your definition. Add a paragraph or two. Add this to the very top: "{{Upgrade}}" Done. That little "upgrade" tag marks your work as about to transition from a "definition" to a full-blown article.

5. Upgrade it! Get rid of that "{{Upgrade}}" tag at the top, and that "[[Category:Definitions]]" tag at the bottom. Add a few more paragraphs. Divide your article into digestible chunks using headers, like this:

=Background= (Some background info)


=Early life= (More info)

You've seen how its done on other online encyclopedias. Now, at the bottom, choose an appropriate category. There are hundreds, but you should pick one of these, minimum:

[[Category:People]] [[Category:Places]] [[Category:Events]] [[Category:Groups]]


Still want to do more??

7. Add a picture! It's easy! On the left, click "Upload", this will bounce you to the upload screen. -7A. Upload your image. You can't break anything, and its so easy there's no point in describing the procedure. -7B. Insert the image into your article. Generally speaking, there is just a single image at the top on the righ-hand side. There are many, many options and you can put the image anywhere, but if you put this code at the top, it will get you where you want to be:

"[[File:(name of image).png|thumb|(Any text that you was to appear under the image, such as a description.)]]"

If you think the article should have a pic, but can't be arsed to upload one, add this code to the top:



8. Add some links! Turn words that could lead to other articles into links. Just put brackes around them and the software will do the rest, like this: [[Adolf Hitler]] and [[Eva Braun]] lived in [[Germany]]. This would lead to three different articles. One named "Adolf Hitler", another named "Eva Braun", and a third named "Germany". Don't worry if its not created yet, if you think there should be an article, link it!