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Our purpose here at FasciPedia

  • Education on the history of Fascism, its actual intent, its actual politics and philosophy, both good and bad.
  • Analyzing and refuting Marxism and the anti-fascist movement;
  • Documenting the full range of false narratives;
  • Explorations of Communism and Capitalism, the two competing ideas;
  • Analysis and criticism of how these subjects are handled in the media.
  • We welcome contributors, and encourage those who politely disagree to register and engage in constructive dialogue.

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Where to go for help

  • You can use the communication area on the navagation bar to the left.
  • Try the contact form
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How to Contribute

How to Contribute to Fascipedia

  • Fascipedia is a free encyclopedia project, written collaboratively by volunteers. Many people view Fascipedia articles every day, but don't contribute. This how-to will show you what you can do to constructively edit Fascipedia.
  • Account creation is not required; however, if you register for an account, you will be given more privileges than a non-registered user. We *do" vett our writers for obvious reasons, so contact us for an account.
  • Get familiar with Fascipedia's core policies. We have a few simple policy pages, and you should read them. These are the most crucial: Neutral Point of View (NPOV), No Original Research (NOR/OR), and Verifiability.
  • Expand stubs. An article that is not complete, or written in full detail, may be marked with a {{Stub}} tag.You can help by adding content to the articles currently marked as stubs.
  • Add a photo. An encyclopedia is not complete without pictures. You can upload as many pictures as you wish; however, you must provide detailed information on the source and the license of the file.
  • Write a new article. You should write an article about fascist subject matter that you are very knowledgeable about so that you can write a complete and informative article.
  • Remove spam. Fascipedia is accessed by a lot of people every day, thus, there tends to be some vandalism and spamming. People who vandalize or spam a page may have added inappropriate links, blanked the page, added nonsense, etc. You can help out by reporting it, and if you have proper access, removing, or reverting, this vandalism. Removing vandalism will make Fascipedia a better place for people to gather information and resources.
  • Help out. Even though Fascipedia is an encyclopedia, it is also a community. You can help out newcomers to make it a bigger and better community for everyone.
  • Do some maintenance. You can help Fascipedia run optimally by doing maintenance tasks like removing copyright violations, fixing up articles, participating in deletion processes, and all sorts of other things.

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