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Meaning of life

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Fascists, Capitalists, and Communists, have widely differing philosophies, with Communists focusing on the "Everyone", meaning behind humanity as a whole with their despots at the top, while Capitalists are more individualistic, focusing on the "I" or their personal sense of meaning. (With the wealthy at the top).

Countless schools of philosophy suggest varying answers for the meaning of life. But the fascist view is the "we", not everyone, not individuals, but somewhere in-between. The "we" being our people.

Fascists may ponder the question "what is the meaning of life" for a variety of reasons. Seeking happiness doesn’t necessarily mean you’re living a purposeful life and fulfilling your true life’s potential.

Deep Meaning

For example, a man born into a wealthy family may feel happy and comfortable; however, if he lacks the initiative to experience life to his fullest potential, take risks, make mistakes, and discover his purpose besides living a well-off lifestyle, he may lack a sense of meaning to the point of suicide.

Meanwhile, many artists that are famous today, such as Vincent Van Gogh, struggled with mental illness and/or financial security while alive. And yet, these artists pursued their passion and purpose (art) and were willing to sacrifice the potential for a comfortable, "happy" life in pursuit of providing their creative talent to their people, which is still admired years after their death.

A fascist values his individuality, but also feels a responsibility to his family, community, traditions, animals, and a host of other relationships outside of himself, these are called service values.


A fascist's core values are black and white, and generally not contradictory. All humans have inner conflicts, but a fascists knows he can trust his leaders and authorities in his clergy, his politics, his work, and his local community for guidance when he's conflicted. Capitalists do not have this benefit. they only know capitalism. they trust absolutely none of these people because corruption is so rampant, but fascists can do this if he lives in a fascist society.

A fascist is spiritual. He is spiritual in whatever way his society is spiritual. Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, whatever his people and his culture believe. Spirituality gives a man life's meaning, but not a sense of purpose.

Having a sense of purpose is a driving motivator that helps direct a man's life. Once a man clarifies his purposes in life, he can take action towards achieving his purpose.

If a man's purpose is to serve his community, that individual can seek out opportunities to live out his purpose. He may be a leader, a scientist, a farmer, a watchmaker, an artist, or a carpenter, it does not matter, every society needs people to do all of the various tasks. Once a fascist finds his purpose, he becomes happy, because in a fascist society men work because they have a purpose, not as a slave as we see in communism, and not just to make money, as we see in capitalism.


Life is short and precious; thus it is essential people understand the value time has in their lives. If an individual wastes time, either through procrastination or a lack of awareness, this can increase the feeling that their life is insignificant, or not worthwhile. This is because, rather than pursuing value in your life and using his time wisely, some men voluntarily choose to waste time. For example, sitting in front of the TV rather than pursuing experiences that will bring value to his life, such as learning a new skill, time with his family, serving his society or working on a passion of his. However, by focusing on living a life of significance, he can make choices to invest his time in something worthwhile.

Fascist Values

A fascist has values unique to fascists, these are:

  • Respect for tradition
  • Strong family
  • Very patriotic
  • Respect for authority
  • Belief in a natural law
  • Belief in duty to society
  • Belief in strong unity
  • Strong religious/spiritual beliefs
  • Enjoyment of spectacle
  • Belief that society is an extension of the family

These are core tenets of fascism. A fascist who follows this path will find his life fulfilled with an abundance of purpose and meaning.