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The National Socialist Movement (NSM) is a self-described National Socialist party in the United States. The organization is closer to Hollywood Nazism than National Socialism. It may be most known for its demonstrations, sometimes given substantial publicity in mainstream media. Politically correct sources relatively recently described it as the largest "Neo-Nazi" or "Supremacist" organization, following the decline of Aryan Nations and other groups. However, external and internal conflicts and problems have been stated to have weakened the organization.


Public rallies, at which Party speakers address current issues of interest to Whites, are a mainstay of National Socialist Movement activism. The rallies regularly draw large crowds of homosexuals, communists, anarchists, and other liberals egged on by jewish Supremacists and Antifa propaganda. While most of the supportive turnout comes from Party members, friends in the Klan or from local unaffiliated Whites may also appear.

The National Socialist Movement conducts periodic patrols, such as Operation Heimdallr[1] and Operation Hrani[2], along the Arizona-Mexico border, in which local activists supplement the overwhelmed manpower of the United States Border Patrol, and attempt to help them prevent illegal immigration and drug smuggling.

Shortly after the Commander Jeff Schoep took the role as chairman of the NSM in place of Cliff Herrington, the National Socialist Movement encountered two major splits. A large split occurred in October 2007 and stripped the National Socialist Movement of it's "largest National Socialist party in America" title. The split was started by the presidential candidate John Taylor Bowles who argued, that the NSM was trying to sabotage him and the election campaign. John Taylor Bowles made his own party called National Socialist Order of America.

A less acrimonious split took place in May 2011, when NSM Chief of Staff Jason Hiecke departed to form the "Advanced White Society".[3] However, Hiecke stated that he "left on very good terms with the NSM". Wishing the organization the best of luck, he thereby left open the possibility of working side by side in the future.[4]

Jeff Schoep (b. 1974) stepped down in March 2019, new commander of the NSM became Schoep's former Chief of Staff Burt Brandon Colucci (b. 28 March 1976). Since then, Schoep has renounced his NSM past and speaking out against racism.[5][6][7]

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