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Opinion - Individuality

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Individuality is born from the race that sired him. It is a construct of that race's values, the heritage of his upbringing, and the experiences he is put through by what other members of his race allowed him to be exposed to. It was never meant to be defined as an abstract, separation of a man from his people. And, yet born from the political parties of the US. Born from the lies of the jew. We have had overly romanticized drivel poor out of movies defining men by their lone acts and achievements. As opposed to their contributions to their people. In essence, trying to separate the White man's racial spirit from his own personal values.

This has lead to a great deal of strife. Wars, conflicts, petty disputes that would never resolve the original problem. Only serve to create a maelstrom of endless bickering. Endless divides. And, in those divides outlandish concepts were given a false validity. As the greater consensus could not form a common sense based knowledge to bar them from entering into the dialog.

An example. A village respects its founder and shares with one another the labors of their community and love for one another building an ever greater township, eventual city, then new country. An outsider comes in and speaks up. Denouncing the founder and lamenting the achievements of those in the community as having been born of violence. The common sense of the community prevails and they denounce the outsider and run him off for disparaging them and their community. Now, suppose that community were not the same race. Or, had a great divide in wealth on account of some limited resource. Or, worse. Social corruption. Then, the outsider comes in and denounces the founder and the works of the community, but this time he is heard by some and only denounced by some. The strength of that community is weak. And, the outsider can exploit it as his pleasure.

These separations within National communities are possible to create without the injection of a foreign element. Injecting corruption by bringing in outside money and criminal rackets is one such way. Creating socially divisive trends is another. Of course, these tend not to work too well against a truly healthy Fascist people. So, it takes time and effort on the part of the outsider to poison them (sometimes literally) in an effort to cause division. The jews big entry into the US was the entertainment and media apparatus. Movies. And, the male ego was the first thing they went after. Perverting White men's values of justice. Promoting tolerance of evil.

And, to this day it perseveres in the form of the Conservative party. Controlled opposition like Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson. Denying the enemy's actions, defending him even. Demanding a moral obligation of tolerance and advocacy of rights and freedoms as excuses of why foreign Nationals are committing acts of war against the Nation in question, when they have no legal rights whatsoever. For it is your direct national agency which they fear. Because it is the one thing they cannot fight. Name the jew and Defend the White race.