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Justice is a divine virtue and a virtue misplaced is a sin of the highest order.

Within the labyrinthine laws of the US lies a truth betrayed by their structure. That they are deceitful in nature. For a legal code derived by the consent of the Governed should be wholly understandable by said governed, and that such supposed necessities as lawyers, judges, and police should only exist in emergency situations. Not as professions unto themselves, and certainly not as a day to day necessity brought about by constant domestic militarism, dissent, and conflicting interests. Such a thing is unnatural, and that too is a yet another obvious truth to the nature of the grand deception. That these laws were created by the citizenry of the US. That their enforcers were approved of by the citizenry. Or, that their judges were likewise approved. No, what can be construed from all of this is that the nature and spirit of our Government are in a state of depravity and falsehood. That no true legitimacy can be seen within their operations save for absolute necessities needed to justify its existence to those that do not need it.

The natural state of man comes from his works, his mate, and the children he sires with her. That is the start of it all. That is the end of it all. Anything not encouraging or supporting that is therefore unnatural. The unnatural is brought about from competing agency to your existence. The will of an enemy or predator wishing to devour you, for instance. In the case of the current problem plaguing the White race. The organized agency of thejewsrace. And assortment of peoples that have blended their blood into a distorted state and lost their way. Now completely beholden upon others or of the belief that they must be so.

Lies presented to the White race is that we are obligated to assist with or aid those that are not our people. Even at the expense of ourselves. This is unnatural and born from the dark work of thejewsrace. But, back to the original topic of my lecture. Justice.

So, it is through their perversion of our racial agenda that our Justice, our laws have been perverted into a mockery of what they should be. And, distorted to allow for enemy combatants free range to assault and violate who they please for the whims of their foreign masters. In this we must end acceptance of this practice for our people. And, in this we must bring to a close the idea ofjewsauthority and laws in White lands. This can only be done from White man to White man. White woman to White woman. Those, that absorb our lead and take from us important lessons will quickly follow. Perhaps even before our own greater people do. For in self fulling reactions comes quicker and quicker transformation.

Serve only your people. Live only for your own. And, the rest will fall into place quickly enough. Name thejewsand Defend the White race!