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Yet another bullshit story has come to light about two jew doctors who were forced to abort jew children to save the mothers from "Nazi gas chambers”:

The two Nazi-era physicians – Dr. Gisella Perl and Dr. Erno Vadasz – whose lives are recalled in a new book. “Were not the only jewish physicians or gynecologists forced to work within the concentration camps. However, most of the others were murdered with their patients, and their stories will never be known. Hence, remembering Vadasz and Perl honors them as well,” the authors wrote.

“Despite daunting circumstances, history is full of stories of men and women incarcerated by the Nazis, who risked their lives to save others. In some cases, the moral dilemma faced by these people presented an unquestionable challenge – particularly for those in the medical profession who had taken an oath to save life.” -"Newly discovered" Journal.

Horrific (fake) crimes (to sell jew books) against humanity were committed during The World's War Against Communism. The “Final Solution of the jewish Question” embarked upon by the "Nazis" supposedly led to the slaughter of six gorllion jew men, women and children.

An estimated 1.5 gorillion jew children supposedly were among those murdered by the "Nazis", who thought this “justifiable” to prevent “the revengers, in the form of children, to grow up and face our sons and grandsons,” according to jew dogma. Even if able to work, pregnant women went to the gas chambers upon arrival. If they managed to hide their pregnancies, their newborn babies were killed either by lethal injection or by drowning." -Bullshit Journal, zero evidence


...and of course there is no evidence for any of this, other than in jew stories, in jew books.

The only way the mother supposedly could escape the death sentence was by undergoing a secret abortion or by suffocating the newborn to prevent detection of the birth as anything other than a stillbirth and the need to protect all involved in saving the mother’s life, the "newly discovered journal" authors wrote.

"Only at the end of the war, when hundreds of non-jewish women with babies were released, was the extent of this slaughter understood. In comparison, only a few dozen jew mothers were released alive with their newborn children." - Dr. Sighet, who claims he was a jew gynocologist at Auschwitz, no record of him of course.

It was Zionist jews who invented the term “final solution” to the jewish Question, and their “final solution” was actually the founding of the State of Israel where all jews could live separately from the non-jews.  That the jews would turn this phrase into a diabolical accusation against the Germans is intellectually dishonest and historically inaccurate, at the very least.

Note: The photograph of happy jewish mothers with their healthy newborn babies at Auschwitz shows that they weren’t throwing pregnant jew women into gas chambers. In fact pregnant women got double rations and the best medical care in the entire camp, even better than the staff.