Opinion - The White Man's Enemy

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America has a very serious problem. Not only does America have a very serious problem, but White people have a very serious problem. America’s problem is us white people. We are America's problem.

America doesn’t want us here. Every time you look in the mirror, you see a White person who is a problem for America because America does not want you here. Once you figure this out, you can start making plans that will make you seem intelligent, instead of unintelligent.

Embrace fascism. Fascism does not mean being a bully, it means coming together and helping each other. they don't want us doing that because everytime Whites fascisize, we become a terrible and mighty force.  So they keep us separated by exaggerating petty differences. You don’t have to suffer bullshit because you're a Christian, and You don’t have to suffer bullshit because you're a Pagan. "People of Color" (meaning anyone but us White People) don't suffer bullshit for those reasons, and neither should you. You don’t have to suffer bullshit because you're a Democrat or a Republican. You don’t have to suffer bullshit because you're a soccer mom or a football dad. And you sure as hell don’t have to suffer bullshit because you're an American, because if you were actually an American, you wouldn’t have to suffer all this bullshit. You suffer because you’re a White man. You suffer, all of us suffer, for the same reason. America no longer belongs to us, and the people who stole it from us, want us gone.


I'm only a third generation American. So while America was fighting to preserve communism against us fascists, all four of my grandparents were with Mussolini kicking communist ass out of Italy. Kicking it all the way back to Moscow. We lost though. We all lost. The world lost its war against communism.

Now America is a Marxist paradise. Communism is thriving planet-wide. Your kids are trans. God bless America.

White people first came to this land over half a millennium ago. We tamed it. We built the cities. We went indie. We formed a nation based largely on ancient Rome, and made that nation great. Now thats all over, it's done.

We have a common enemy. We have this in common. We have a common oppressor, a common exploiter, and a common discriminator. But once we all realize that we have this common enemy, then we unite on the basis of what we have in common. What we have foremost in common is that enemy, judeo-Marxists. they are an enemy to all of us. I know some of you all think that some of them aren’t enemies. Wake the fuck up. Open your damn eyes. Come together. Fascisize.



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