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People is an ambiguous term for certain large groups of humans.

The term derives from the Latin "populus", similarly having various meanings: "a people, nation; body of citizens; a multitude, crowd, throng,"[1]

The word may refer to a minor race, and relatedly, to a nation (in the racial sense) and/or an ethnicity.

The word may also refer to citizens of a country, regardless of race. See also civic nationalism.

Another meaning is as referring to the common or ordinary people.

For Communists, it may have meaning similar to proletariat, with, for example, Communist countries often being named "People's Republic of ...".

The word may also refer to the state, with some criminal prosecutions brought in the name of "the people".

The word is also used in numerous combinations with other words to refer to various groups.

See also

  • Populism - Another term derived from "populus".