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National Socialism

This portal about National Socialism provides an overview of many articles and categories related to this subject.

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Parties and organizations

American Nazi PartyBritish Union of FascistsCanadian National Socialist PartyFriends of the New GermanyNasjonal SamlingNational Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP) – National Socialist Japanese Workers' PartyNational Socialist Workers' Party of DenmarkNational Socialist Workers' Party of NorwayNordic Resistance MovementWorld Union of National Socialists

NSDAP Organizations

German Labour FrontHitler YouthLeague of German GirlsNational Socialist League of the Reich for Physical ExerciseNational Socialist Women's LeagueSchutzstaffelSturmabteilungWinterhilfswerk des Deutschen Volkes


Adolf HitlerFrits ClausenGeorge Lincoln RockwellGertrud Scholtz-KlinkHermann GöringHorst WesselJakob GrimmingerJoseph GoebbelsHeinrich Himmler - Julius StreicherMagda GoebbelsOswald MosleyOtto Ernst RemerRobert LeyRudolf HessUnity MitfordVidkun QuislingWilhelm Frick

Papers and magazines

ActionDer AngriffDer StürmerFritt FolkNS-Frauen-WarteSignalVölkischer Beobachter


Hitler's RevolutionMein KampfThe Young Hitler I KnewWhite Power


Blood and SoilNationalismNational SocialismRace realismVölkisch movementVolksgemeinschaft

Other articles

The 25-point ProgramAdolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never ToldArt in the Third ReichBook burning/censorship and National Socialist GermanyBlack sunErnst ZündelMunich PutschNational Socialist GermanyNight of the Long KnivesTriumph of the WillPropaganda lies about National Socialism

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