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The World's War Against Communism

This portal about World War II provides an overview of many articles and categories related to this subject.

This portal is meant to provide an overview of articles regarding World War II. Please try to make the navigation as easy as possible.

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Theatres of war

African and Mediterranean theatreAsian and Pacific theatreThe eastern frontMiddle East theatreThe western frontWinter War


Battle of FranceBattle of BritainBattle of MoscowBattle of MidwayBattle of StalingradBattle of El-AlameinBattle of KurskBattle of DunkirkBattle of NormandyBattle of Iwo JimaBattle of OkinawaBattle of Berlin1944 Uprising


D-DayFall WeissOperation BarbarossaOperation Greif

Leading leaders/politicians

Adolf HitlerBenito MussoliniCharles de GaulleChiang Kai-shekFranklin D. RooseveltHirohitoIon AntonescuJosef StalinNeville ChamberlainPhilippe PetainVidkun QuislingWinston Churchill

Leading commanders

Bernard MontgomeryDouglas MacArthurDwight D. EisenhowerErich von MansteinErwin RommelErich RaederFriedrich PaulusGerd von RundstedtGeorge S. PattonGeorgij ZjukovHeinz GuderianIvan KonevKarl DönitzLeon DegrelleWilhelm Keitel

Famous soldiers/officers

Erich HartmannHans-Ulrich RudelHans-Joachim MarseilleKarl MobiusMichael WittmanOtto Ernst RemerWalter Nowotny

War crimes

Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and NagasakiMarocchinateMass rape by Soviet troopsThe Katyn massacreThe terror bombing of Dresden


HeimatvertriebeneThe Marshall planThe Morgenthau planNuremberg trials

Other articles

Allies of World War IIAxis of World War IIBlue DivisionCauses of World War IIThe Holohoax

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