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Untermensch (trans. "Under Man") A term used by the philosopher (Friedrich Nietzsche) to describe the common and subhuman man. Likened to sheep, the Untermensch is a social animal spouting pacifist and liberal morality. In this way, he can rationalize his subservience to social and political mores. His existence is solely for the purpose of providing statistical filler, Nietzsche's words.

The Untermensch was an inferior or subhuman during the National Socialist period in ALL of the western world. The belief was NOT German idea alone surprises many. In America folks like feminist heroine Margret Sanger, Kellog, Rockefeller, Du Bois, strongly believed in Eugenics, selective breeding and sterilization, the manipulative science of population control. Today agriculture uses eugenics for herd improvement and continues both on in Livestock and planting.


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