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Writer and White Rights Organizer on Gab. Under a Cat Avatar and Pseudonym referencing back to a now infamous but highly constructive White rights Comic Book Artist "A Wyatt Mann," (Nick Bougas). Promotes White Organization starting at the family level and working outward into local communal pro White activism. Further, brings to the light criminal undertakings and abuse of the White Racial community both domestically in the US and abroad in Europe and elsewhere. He uses dark comedy and hash demeanor abridged by serious analysis of the failings of modern forms of Governments and how such problems could be rectified under parallel Nationalized/Fascist states catering to the needs of each individual race and people while promoting peaceful coexistence and bustling areas of controlled trade and cultural exchange. He's now lending his writer handle and collective works published on his Gab profile for use on here and elsewhere for the cause.


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