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White Generally refers to the ethnic group native to Europe and also includes natives to other regions that have the following physical characteristics.

  1. Hair in every possible color, but tending to lighter colors
  2. Pale skin color with low melanin
  3. Good swimming ability, a strong mammalian dive instinct
  4. Generally good cold resistance, especially in regards to hypothermia and underwater hypothermia
  5. High IQs
  6. Eyes in every possible color, but tending to lighter colors, especially Blue, Green and lighter Browns
  7. Generally a bit tall when compared to other ethnic groups
  8. Generally straight or wavy hair, seldom curly, never kinky

Frequently Whites are the target of jews, Black people, and are used as cover by jews to shield them from criticism. Whites are known to be the founders of many successful civilizations including America, Egypt, Rome, Greece and many other European civilizations and empires (French, German, British, Spanish, etc).



White people originated in Iran, and made their way to Northern Europe, Egypt, The Mediterranean, and India, creating every modern civilization known as they went (Not counting the great Asian Civilizations). All other races remained and remain in the stone age.

White men are responsible for almost everything that is noble, beautiful, and excellent in history, far surpassing the achievements of all the other races. The sheer fact that White men, particularly Mediterranean's came up with all the disciplinary fields taught in our universities speaks volumes. Archaeology, botany, economics, sociology, anthropology, history, biology, chemistry, genetics, physics, medicine, literature, theology, architecture, and agriculture all of them to societies benefit. White men are responsible for the creation or discovery of all known energy types from the steam powered industrial revolution, to electricity, to nuclear power. This has enabled the population of Earth to balloon to its current size by allowing food and energy to be transported worldwide.

The most primitive of the White Peoples in terms of industrialization were Northern Europeans (Germanics, English, Norse, Swedish, Icelandic), but they still surpassed the other races. they had metallurgy including steel creation, astronomy, art, etc., and when they were discovered (by other White people) they completely caught-up within 100 years and remain leading world powers. Before mass migration forced on them in 2014, Northern Europe was considered the most civilized and safe place in the world with leading life expectancy, health care and medical advancements. Many non-Whites who were discovered around a similar time have still not advanced to being an energy producing agricultural society, even after 3000 years, and even with food and energy being donated from White nations.

The greatest artists, novelists, historians, biologists, physicists, classical composers, poets, car designers, submarine designers, computer designers, aircraft designers, spacecraft designers, mathematicians, architects, explorers, inventors, philosophers are almost exclusively White men. White men are the greatest nation builders in history. they (particularly Italians and Portuguese) discovered and mapped nearly the entire earth, nearly every river, mountain, sea, desert, including every territory inhabited by non-Whites, with the exception of North East Asians, who mapped and invented everything not found or created by Whites.