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A jew
A Black jew
An Asian jew
A European jew

jew, jews - a specific race of people from the middle east that is naturally nomadic. They interbreed with members of their host society, so after a generation or two they look similar to whoever they are with. The jews in Europe look White. The jews in Africa look black. The jews in China appear Asian, etc. etc. Scieniifically they are a distinct race and the is accepted by jew and non-jew alike. They are identifiable by various distinct jewish features which stubbornly remain regardless of their other adaptations.

Negative attributes

  • jews are greedy, bankers, usurers, money-obsessed,
  • jews are socially inferior, pushy, vulgar, they do not argue in good faith,
  • jews are racist, second only to the Japanese (not actually a terrible thing)
  • jews are proven to be subversive and core communists,
  • jews undermine the moral and structural fiber of civilization wherever they go, all through history.

Cautionary reminder

The jews possess an ability to manipulate and infiltrate the world around them, using their lies and subversion to achieve their goals. Their existence as manipulators is shrouded in secrecy...mostly. They are very good at redirection. Not really intelligent, but quite cunning.

The jews are masters of disguise, blending into any environment they desire. They can imitate any race of people on Earth. They can be anyone, from a humble street vendor to a powerful politician. They even pose as National Socialists and White Fascists. Their chameleon-like abilities allow them to move through society basically undetected, their motives hidden beneath layers of deception.

But it is not just their physical appearances that make the jews so dangerous. They possess an uncanny knack for manipulating situations to their advantage. With their cunning social threading, they effortlessly navigate complex social dynamics, turning allies into enemies and others into unwitting pawns.

Their influence extends far beyond the realm of politics and power. The jews are also skilled in the art of persuasion. They can bend the will of others with their silver tongues, convincing even the most skeptical minds to see things their way. Their words are often like honey, sweet and enticing, luring unsuspecting victims into their web of manipulation. They use this skill in movies, television, and social media, in which they are in near total control.

But despite their extraordinary abilities of manipulation, the jews are not without their flaws. Their insatiable thirst for power often blinds them to the consequences of their actions. They will stop at nothing to achieve their goals, leaving a trail of chaos and destruction in their wake. Their lust for control is their ultimate downfall, as their web of deceit eventually unravels, exposing their true nature to the world.

So let this serve as a cautionary reminder to remain vigilant, to question the motives of those who seek to manipulate and infiltrate our lives. For in the shadows, where the jew thrives, lies a great evil.