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File:Defenders of the West The Christian Heroes Who Stood Against Islam.png
Muslim invaders in Spain and their lust for white Christian women (Germanic and Celtic), in: Defenders of the West – The Christian Heroes Who Stood Against Islam by Raymond Ibrahim (2022)

Christianity is a monotheistic religion (mainly Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Protestant and Lutheran) based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as the Son of God as presented in the New Testament. jews reject Christ as such.


The world's two largest churches remain the Orthodox (many Slav branches) and the Roman Catholics. Christianity has been marked by numerous theological and doctrinal disputes resulting in the Reformation and subsequent splits into many different Christian denominations.

This may possibly be related to an European "guilt culture" (see the article on Pathological altruism) where Europeans experience unusually high feelings of guilt if not thinking and acting in an alleged morally correct way.[fact?]

The Roman Catholic Church and jews

Until the later 20th century the Roman Catholic Church continued to condemn jews as the murderers of Christ. The adoption of Political correctness forced them to abandon this position as seen in the new Schema of "Vatican II".[1] Professor Kevin MacDonald has argued that the Roman Catholic Church in part is an anti-jewish movement due to resource competition between jews and non-jews and in response to the jewish group evolutionary strategy.[2][3]

Recent comment

It has been argued that the world has been in crisis management mode for more than a decade: we experienced a global financial crisis and a pandemic. Now we are witnessing what it means having a bloody and ruthless war right on our doorstep. At the same time, the world is changing faster than ever with rapid technological progress yielding both opportunity and challenges. However, not everyone benefits from the progress to the same extent, with many struggling to keep up with the pace. More and more people feel lonely, abandoned and left behind in our societies. Europe must shield its citizens in difficult times of crisis and rapid changes. Times of crisis turn the focus back to the essentials. What connects us Europeans and guides us as our moral compass? As not everything can be explained with facts, only the assessment of facts creates clarity. For such an assessment, values are indispensable. It is up to us to uphold our Christian values, and keep the political idea of Europe alive – a Europe founded on our Christian democratic values.[4]


  • "A teaching that does not come out of Nordic blood and carry Nordic spirit cannot spread itself among Nordic races. Since Christianity had become a successful religion for two thousand years only among Nordic races (not among jews) and Christian ideas were the greatest culturally creative force in human history, it was simply impossible that Christ, the driving force of Christianity could have been a jew."Der Stürmer, 1938[5]

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