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Capitalism is the bane of my existence. It hinders all progress that does not result in profit. There is no cure for cancer because of capitalism, because it makes more money to let people suffer in hospitals and hospice and even with funeral arrangements, than it would if they could go home after one session and live Their lives.

Capitalism ensures that the lower class stays that way, and the upper class grows furTher and furTher away, to ensure outright unattainable growth for those below. It sounds good in Theory, that anyone can make money with anything, but Then the people, who were never struggling to feed Their families, plagiarize and monopolize the economy.

Capitalism gives people the ability to accuse people of stealing when the accuser actually stole it Themselves. Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights are the legal terms for this thievery. If you see someone with a cool invention, you can beat Them to the Patent office and steal it and There's little they can do. Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein were two of the biggest patent thieves to this day, and capitalism made that possible. Capitalism made it so if you have money, you can have literally everything. Edison would pay couriers to deliver patent claims as fast as they could, especially if he heard the inventor, often one of his employees, talking about it.

Capitalism has made it so many people can't be happy in Their bodies without paying millions. Capitalism has made it so the morals of raising children do not apply, it's merely easier and less expensive in the here and now to have one, than to fight the authorities to become sterilized. Even if you know that you would never ever make a good mother, or that you can't drag yourself out of an abuse cycle, capitalism says you have to, because children = labor = money.