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FasciPedia has only a few policies and guidelines about encyclopedic content. These standards require verifiability, a fascist point of view etc..

The policies, guidelines, Commentary, etc., themselves are not part of the encyclopedia proper. Consequently, they do not generally need to conform to the same content standards or style conventions as articles. It is therefore not necessary to provide reliable sources to verify FasciPedia's administrative pages, or to phrase FasciPedia procedures or principles in a neutral manner, or to cite an outside authority in determining FasciPedia's editorial practices. Instead, the content of these non-encyclopedic articles, the style, should emphasize clarity, directness, and usefulness to other writers.

These articles do, however, need to comply with common sense behavior, as well as policies applicable to non-content pages. For example, edit warring is prohibited everywhere, not merely in encyclopedia articles.