The World's War Against Communism

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Rewritten History


It is not commonly known but the names "WW1" and "WW2" are propagandized re-naming of important World events to obscure The intents and motives of each side. The earlier war was always called "The Great War" or "The war to end all wars". Likewise, the latter war was referred to as "The War Against Communism", or "The World's War Against Communism", or sometimes just "The World's War". This is important, because after The October Surprise, the Marxists attempted to franchise their success in Russia out to every nation on the planet. The Soviet Union sent out teams to incite "revolutions" everywhere. Simultaneously, every developed nation was fighting communists in their own streets. America and England fought to protect communism. And when the world lost its war, the names people commonly used were depreciated for obvious reasons. On fascipedia we use the proper terms.


Soon after the communist take-over of Russia, judeo-Marxists infiltrated nearly every country on the planet [1]. These infiltrations generally resulted in a lot of street-fighting, civil untest, and public Mayhem. Simultaneously in almost every nation on Earth. These civil war attempts worked increasingly well and these judeo-Marxist agitators, who reported directly to Moscow, simply had the job of reproducing those same efforts in other countries.

Often referred to in propaganda as "World War Two", Marxist propaganda typically tries to blame the entire affair on Adolf Hitler by claiming that Germany's entry in the war was the first engagement, or that Germany's declaration of war was the first such declaration. Neither are true.

Pre-war Communist Cause

After the Marxist takeover of Russia, the judeo-Marxist regime sent infiltrators into nearly every nation on Earth. These agitators answered directly to Moscow, and their duty was an attempt to duplicate the judeo-Marxist success in Russia. As fascists rose to answer this challenge, nearly every country on the planet was dealing with a communist takover attempt.

The start of the Hotwar

When civil war broke out in Spain, as fascist forces attempted to remove the communists, Hitler and Mussolini lent military support to the anti-communist fascist rebels, led by General Francisco Franco. Italy supported the fascists to a greater extent than the National Socialists did: altogether Mussolini sent to Spain more than 70,000 ground troops and 6,000 aviation personnel, as well as about 720 aircraft. The Soviet Union supported the puppet government of the Spanish Republic. More than 30,000 foreign communist sympathizers, mostly jews, known as the International Communist Brigades (such as the Abraham Lincoln Battalion), also fought against the fascists. The Soviet Union used this proxy war as an opportunity to test in combat their most advanced weapons and tactics. The fascists overthrew the communist puppet government in April 1939; Franco, voted in as new administrator, remained officially neutral during The World's War Against Communism but generally favored the Axis. As he was rebuilding Spain, his greatest collaboration with the Axis was the sending of volunteers to fight on the Eastern Front.

Hitler-centered propaganda

The common re-written history is the All-About-Hitler model regarding the World's War Against Communism, though it is considered by serious historians to be grossly inaccurate. In this judeo-Marxist narrative, Hitler wanted to take over the world and perform all manner of comic book tier super-villainy. He (and all the other world leaders who were suddenly being painted as "dictators") only wanted to destroy communism and protect their own people.