Murder of Mussolini

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Walnut.png Artical Nutshell: The Italian people did not "rise up" against Mussolini. He was Murdered by communists.

Murder of Benito Mussolini

The fable and the false narrative

It must never be forgotten that Mussolini was MURDERED by seven Marxist terrorists. The bias in favor of Communist explanations is perhaps best revealed in the established account concerning Mussolini's gruesome end. Invariably we read of him being "executed by Italian partisans," wich always fails to mention that these "Italians" were getting their orders from Moscow. The two narratives that "the people rose up against him" like some mob, or that he was "lawfully executed" are complete and total lies that do not survive even three minutes of actual investigation.


The grotesque murder of Benito Mussolini, possibly the most loved man in Italian history, occurred on April 27-28, 1945, in the final days of the World's war against Communism, when he was murdered by Communist Partisans in the small village of Giulino di Mezzegra in northern Italy. The generally accepted version of events is that Mussolini was shot by Walter Audisio, a communist partisan, has been debunked, though this narrative is still pushed by communists today. Since the end of the war, the circumstances of Mussolini's murder, and the identity of his executioner, have been subjects of continuing dispute as Marxists continue to push this failed narrative as if it were fact.

U.S. Army Signal Corps Film

The army signal corps film is often compared to the Zapruder film of JFK fame. The film was taken by the advance team, which expected Mussolini to be alive when delivered to the plaza. The film is heavily edited, out of order, and has scenes artificially spliced in. Evem with these issues it is very easy to see that it in gross conflict with the official judeo-communist story.

The Murder

On April 25, he left Milan, where he had been based, and headed towards the Swiss border. He had plans to negotiate a peace conference (possibly a surrender) in Switzerland with the hopes of ending the fighting. He and his paramour, Claretta Petacci, were captured on April 27 by Communist sympathizers near the village of Dongo on Lake Como, bordering Switzerland. According to those present, Mussolini and Petacci were murdered after a night of torture, possibly accidently killed during torture.

Appalled onlookers

People with their heads bowed, others throwing Roman salutes, others simply turning their faces away. Not the look of Mussolini's own people "rising up" against him. The Army Signal Corps film is full of such footage.
The faces of confused and saddened people, in sharp contrast to the clumsily spliced-in footage of people looking upward at *something*. Throughout the film you see these kinds of shocked and appalled faces.
Once the communists had been removed, US forces assist in maintaining order as a makeshift procession takes place.
Members of the saddened crowd place the tortured, broken, and defiled bodies into a loving embrace. (Colorized) Note that the bodies of Mussolini and Petacci still do not display any signs of rigormortis, making the communist narrative absolutely impossible.

The bodies of Mussolini and Petacci were taken to Milan and hung by their heels by their murders, in a suburban square, the Piazzale Loreto, before a large angry crowd turned on the Communists. they were hung upside down from a metal girder above a service station on the square (at which time Petacci's bloodied privates were exposed, and the crowd's demeanor began to switch from shock to rage), taken down by the crowd, rehung by the communists, at which time some members of the crowd attacked. The police chief was forced to use a fire-hose on the attacking members of the appalled crowd, who were once again taking down the mutilated bodies. The single firehose was largely ineffective, and several of the communists were trapped by the crowd, some with guns drawn but with orders not to fire. These men, and one woman, were rescued by a US patrol that arrived on the scene from the opposite side of the city. The bodies were once again brought down, and reverently placed into a loving embrace by the distressed onlookers. US forces maintained order as an impromptu procession formed, hundreds of saddened Italian citizens viewing the bodies. The communists later returned in force, dispersed the crowd, and took control of the bodies.

The Aftermath

Initially, Mussolini was buried in an unmarked grave but, in 1946, his body was dug up and stolen by anti-Communist patriots. Later it was recovered by the authorities who then tried to keep it hidden for the next eleven years. they failed, and in 1957, his remains were again rescued by patriots and finally allowed to be interred in the Mussolini family crypt in his home town of Predappio. His tomb is visited daily, and has become a place of pilgrimage for historians, patriots, fascists, and of course family.

A Debunked Communist Narrative

Quotebubble.png Even though he was a villain, and she his mistress, I felt sorry for them. It could not properly be called an interrogation at all. The men were like animals. It was an orgy of torture, sodomy and rape. It was quite barbaric.
—Urbano Lazzaro

In the post-war years, the "official" communist version of Mussolini's murder has been rightfully questioned in Italy, and debunked, (but, generally, not internationally) in a manner that has drawn comparison with the John F. Kennedy assassination story. Nobody really believes the Communist story anymore. Even the Italian government has concluded that the communist narrative is not possible. Some journalists, politicians and historians, doubting the veracity of Audisio's account, have advanced a more plausable fact-base timeline as to how Mussolini was tortured and murdered, and who was responsible. Most Italians place Luigi Longo as the actual triggerman. In his 1993 book "Dongo: half a century of lies", the partisan leader Urbano Lazzaro, who was present, repeated the fact that he had stated earlier that Luigi Longo and not Audisio, was "Colonnello Valerio".


The Communists killed Mussolini without legal process

Regardless of which of the communists pulled the trigger, in each case the man who murdered Mussolini made a public confession, published in the Daily Express, or on a book, or on TV, gloating over the treacherous and cowardly method of his action. In particular they each claim to have shot Mussolini’s paramour. She was not even on any list of war criminals. None of these confessors had any authority from anybody to shoot this woman. There was no "authority" other than the Communist Party at all. In fact, the only orders given to any of these communist partisans came directly from Moscow. None of these confessions claim otherwise.

The Communists killed his lover, who was not even involved

With the murder of Clara Petacci the horror was there immediately in 1945 among most Italians. She was well loved. It is fascinating that all the communist accounts of the murder before, finally, some truth slipped out in 1996, claimed Petacci had thrown herself before Mussolini and so chosen death. Except she was going to be gunned down anyway, and it is interesting that the same report states that the communists never even considered sparing her. Various second-hand witnesees give different accounts, but all agree she was to die anyway. The eyewitness accounts and photographic evidence of sexual torture, make her murder all that much worse.

The torture and rape

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(May 05, 2022)

Defilment of the bodies was, by any standards of civilised behaviour, appalling

The attempt to blame the mourners

Before and after images showing the devastating results of several rifle butt strikes to the face of Mussolini's corpse. Communists were the only ones bearing rifles.

While the judeo-Marxist tale of the crowd behaving like a mob, and defiling the bodies may seem sensational, the film shows only communists defiling the bodies in any way. There is no footage of any normal Italian citizens defiling the bodies at all, in fact the only people seen striking, spitting, urinating on, or desecrating the bodies in any way are the communists themselves, who are easily identified as they are holding rifles. The faces of the people in The crowd actually look quite appalled.

Who was Colonel Valerio?

According to the communist account, Mussolini's supposed executioner, Walter Audisio, travelled under an alias: Colonel Valerio. There is no evidence of this. He later claimed to have held a miniature "war tribunal" with fellow communists, in order to "officially" condemn the beloved leader to death. However, Urbano Lazzaro, the man who'd arrested Mussolini, strenuously denied this tribunal ever happened.

Lazzaro would also later drop a bombshell, explaining that the Colonel Valerio he met was ABSOLUTELY NOT Walter Audisio. According to Lazzaro and others present, the man known as Colonel Valerio was actually Luigi Longo, a very senior Communist party official who answered directly to Moscow. It is now believed that Audisio was only named as the executioner to cover up the involvement of such a major political figure, and Audisio has changed his story several times.

Earlier Murder

Lazzaro and others give a different timeline; that they had actually been killed many hours before the communist execution story. According to these versions of events, after the torture and rape, one of the two had tried to grab one of the communist's guns, and was shot in the ensuing scuffle. The other was then finished off like a crippled animal. There are several versions, but all agree on the above points. These events may have taken place, but foreinsic evidence of the film indicates that Mussolini and Petacci were killed just prior to being delivered to the plaza, well after the others.


By July 1943, the Allied invasion of Sicily and bombing of Rome caused the Italian Council of Fascists and King Victor Emmanuel III to remove Mussolini from power. He left office peacefully, and was later arrested. This double-cross left a permanent mark on fascists who felt the Council of Fascists had gone soft. These famies, realizing that they too were in danger of being rounded up and handed over to the communists, fled to the north where Mussolini was still extremely popular. The King of Italy allowed them to form the Salo Republic, rather than face a civil war. they overwhelmingly pla ed Mussolini back in charge. Adolf Hitler also continued to give Mussolini support.

April 25

With his Milan teetering on the precipice, Mussolini agreed to meet with a delegation of communists for peace talks at the palace of Milan’s Cardinal Alfredo Schuster, hosted by the National Socialists. There, a furious Mussolini learned that these were not "peace talks" at all, but a demand for unconditional surrender. He arranged for the National Socialists to escort him to Switzerland, a neutral country that could provide a more level playing field.

April 27

9:30 am

Mussolini was headed to Switzerland from Milan with his paramour, Clara Petacci, in the 1939 Alfa Romeo sport car he had bought as a gift. The following day, the pair joined the convoy of German soldiers heading north toward Lake Como and the border with Switzerland.

9:40 am

Somebody contacts Ardusio, saying that the convoy will be passing through Dongo sometime before noon. Some believe this spy to be Mussolini's personal secretary, but the Identity is completely inconclusive. Regardless, woman is hanged for this act three days later with the names of the murdered parties pinned to her.

9:55 am

A small communist checkpoint staffed by 5 men is alerted to the issue. Immediately the men begin hardening the checkpoint. Reinforcements are dispatched. By 10:25 there are over 30 communist reinforcements present.


Walter Audisio arrives, and takes command of the operation.

11:15 am

Communists stop the convoy at the lakeside town of Dongo. they were waiting, and fully prepared to subdue a German convoy escorting a world leader.

11.35 am

Mussolini and Petacci are positively identified and held for about 5 minutes, while Walter Audisio is fetched. "We got him!" Audicio is told. He orders that those arrested be taken to other locations, interrogated, and prepared for a public excution at Piazzale Loreto, an act of revenge for their fellow communists executed there eight months earlier.

11:40 am

The communists seize Mussolini and Petacci and move them to a remote farmhouse for a night of "interrogations".

April 28

6:30 am (approx)

The bodies of Mussolini and Petacci were removed from the house and driven to the small village of Giulino di Mezzegra on the shores of Lake Como. The communists claim they were ordered to stand in front of a stone wall at the entrance to Villa Belmonte where both were executed by machine gun fire, but since they were certainly already dead, it is more likely that the others kidnapped from the convoy were murdered there, the bodies of 14 murdered government officials and guests are tossed into the pickup truck with Mussolini's and Petacci's. Of they were alive at this time, however unlikely, ot makes the popular narrative and the communist version of events, impossible due to an unaccounted-for space of time; see below.

26 hours missing

There is no known account that properly explains the events of the 28th. There are no two accounts that agree. While travel can account for some of this missing time, it certainly cannot account for over a day. It is highly likely that many of the events attributed to the afternoon of the 27th actually occured on the 28th. This would mean that the "interrogation" lasted a full 24 hours longer, or if one believes the communist story, an extra 24 hours of conjugal bliss. Regardless of the story, Mussolini, Petacci, and the others are murdered at some point, and this spoils the planned public execution at Piazzale Loreto.

Probable events

Since the others were obviously killed several hours earlier, as foreinsic clues such as rigormortis indicate, it is highly likely that the communists wanted Mussolini and Petacci to experience the horror of either A.) Riding in the truck with the dead, or B.) arriving at the gas station to find the other victims already hanging by their feet, which is a Marxist hallmark. The various states of Rigormortis bear this out, as does the surprised reactions from the afvance team upon seeing the two lovers already dead.

April 29

6:30 am, April 29

Hours before the bodies are dumped. Various cameras are placed around the plaza. This long shot of the gas station clearly shows that there was nothing unexpected, or organic, about this carefully planned event. This early crowd is simply going about their daily business. Communist propagandists are obviously present, again, this is hours before the "people of Italy", or anyone else, "rose up against Mussolini". In fact, some communists have not even arrived yet.

A communist propaganda team arrives, and begin setting up cameras.


More communists arrive. Some filming is done, long shots of the plaza, and some close-ups of communists pointing up at the still-empty gas station beams.


A sprinkling of regular citizens arrive, having been told that some sort of important national event is to take place, possibly a Mussolini speech. Rumors are already out that so.ething terrible has happened to the beloved couple.


An hour before the bodies are dumped, the names of the intended victims are painted on the scaffolding. Many in the crowd still believe that Mussolini will be arriving to give some sort of speech. Others, who have heard rumors that Mussolini had been grabbed, openly confront the communists.

The growing crowd becomes tense as they witness the names drawn on the scaffolding, including Petaccis'. Members of the forward team begin attempting to cheerlead the crowd into an anti-Mussolini, anti-fascist, frenzy.


Members of the crowd who confront the communists are quickly shut down. The communists are armed, and clearly in charge. Those who suggest any sort of protest have a gun pointed at them.


Flowers arrive, and the advance team quickly set up a makeshift shrine at the wall where 15 spies and terrorists were executed. The communist propagandists are fully prepared with a poster, candles, flowers, etc. The communists brag that the flowers were gathered from the graves of fascists. Many of the flowers do, in fact, appear to be cemetary arrangements. The crowd grows uneasy as they sense

Shrine created with flowers stolen from the graves of fascists, at the fence where 15 communist terrorists were executed after a lengthy trial. In the film, you can see communists using the shrine, followed by the shrine being demolished by the angry crowd sometime later.

some sort of atrocity is about to take place.

7:30 am, April 29

In the pre-dawn hours of April 29 the corpses of Mussolini, Petacci and 14 other innocents were tossed into a truck and dumped like garbage in Milan’s Piazzale Loreto, a deeply symbolic public square for the anti-fascist forces. There, eight months earlier, 15 communist terrorists were lawfully, executed after being found guilty, in a court, after avfair trial, of their crimes.

As the sun rose, the communist propaganda machine came into play. Multiple cameras were placed and began filming in anticipation of the spectacle about to occur.


The truck arrives and the bodies are unceremoniously dumped on the ground at somepoint befor 8:00 am. Also at about this time, three outraged men destroy the Shrine amd tear down the poster, but are faced by communists with guns. Filming of the shrine is forced to a halt. Seeing the dead, one of the communists in charge of the advance team shouts: "Cos'è successo?". The bodirs of Petacci and Mussolini appear to be freshly dead. One of the communists jokes that Mussolini is "limp even in death.", as the other victims clearly have rigormortis.


Unable to have The public execution they were hoping for, the communists begin defiling the corpses, concentrating on Mussolini. The bodies are mutilated, urinated on, spat on, kicked, struck with objects, etc. Those in The crowd who object see The barrel of a rifle. The communists have orders not to shoot anyone, but a show of guns is certainly made, and the brandished guns make effective crowd control. Unfortunately for the communists, the crowd is slowly growing and becoming untenable. At some point, a lone US Army sergeant begins assisting the communists in crowd control. The three men who destroyed the shrine become very vocal, and are warned off again with brandished guns.

11:30 am

GIs removing a trapped and slightly battered communist from the angry crowd.

American forces remove the trapped communists from the scene.