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Understand that the dominant narrative is to make the war all about Adolf Hitler, when in reality, The World's War Against Communism began long before anyone had ever heard of him.

Here is a short summary of the 20th century for the confused people.

The judeo-Marxists murdered the Russian Tsar and his family. (With funding and passports from the US GOVT and WALL ST.)

They began a campaign of murder and starvation known as the Red Terror.

They attempted to franchise their success in every developed nation on the planet.

Mussolini of Italy was the first of Fascist movements around the world that rose up in opposition to the communists, fighting them in the streets.

Francisco Franco of Spain was the first to bring a hot war to the communists.

Adolf Hitler, wishing peace, is the last to bring his country into what has become the World's War Against Communism. His movement is the most focused and most powerful. He identifies the jews, freemasons, etc., behind the issue. Learning from the errors of other leaders, takes the most decisive action.


The Allied forces helped the jew communists defeat the Fascists who were the "anti-Globohomo" equivalent of the 1930's. This culminates in the brutal torture and murder of Mussolini, defeat of Germany, and the nuclear destruction of two Japanese cities.

Fascism has fallen, the world has lost its war against communism and the judeo-Marxists.

The jews began an 80-year campaign of lies and propaganda to fool the world into believing that the "Allies" were the good guys, when in fact, they were the evil monsters. The Soviet Union is finally recognized for the Evil Empire that it is, and various coping mechanisms are provided to help westerners deal with the fact that they fought on the wrong side.

We are now living in real time what Hitler, Mussolini, and so many other fascist heroes fought and died to prevent. Please educate yourself before spewing 80-year-old jews WWAC propaganda.


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