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This is NOT a sales pitch!

(Great book tho, forward written by David Irving)

Nobody wants your money, Paypal account, or even your email...nothing.

Scroll right past all this if you do not care to read background info about the author or the book. Download links are at the bottom, brothers and sisters!


Hi, my name is Archangel, yes that is my legal name, and I am the author of the book "15 Reasons America Needs to embrace Fascism".

I want to share a few things about my life, to help you get a better understanding of who I am and how my unique knowledge and expertise may give you a differing viewpoint from the commonly accepted narratives about Fascism, its goals, history, and beliefs.


For as long as I can remember I have always been passionate about two things: building America, bringing the truth to her people, and being a good Republican.

I attended 5 trump events, including his inaugeration, and paid for my friends, family, and neighbors as well, at a considerable expense in Airfare, bus rental, meals and lodging. I hosted 3 conservative talk shows on KGO briefly, then twice on KLAV Las Vegas. (A real radio show, not a podcast)

Unlike most of the online armchair "patriots" (like many reading this) tossing memes around (on GAB, Facebook, and X), I actually placed my body in harm's way, and put my life on the line for this country. Three times. And I bear the scars, and wear the medals proudly, to prove it.

Dear reader, it is highly likely that I am more "conservative" than you are.

Can we agree that I'm not a leftie or Democrat?

Good then.

During my time in the "service", I witnessed first-hand how quickly the social fabric of a civilized country can unravel during a wide-spread disaster, and how many innocent people end up suffering as a result. For the very first time, I think I really understood what it meant to be a fascist in WW2 Italy like my grandparents were.


I got into Radio, and using the airwaves as a nedium to express what fascism is actually all about. This was back in the days before podcasting existed, and free speech was still respected. I did a little radio for KGO newstalk in San Francisco as a rando fill-in host, then two of my very own shows (The Archangel Show, and The K0llege of Kriminal Kn0wledge" for KLAV in Las Vegas, where I really got to bust loose. I attended rallies, street events, acted as speaker and occasional organizer, the whole bit.


Another serious job I entered into was the Manager of CBS Sports World, one of the Smaller Casinos on the Strip. I sort of accidintally fell into the job after originally acting as a Computer Security Consultant there, which led to becoming an actual employee. I was always thorough to the nth degree, but this job took that perfectionism to a whole new level. There was really no room for error. I’d double and triple check everything, and while it felt like a hassle at the time it served me well later on in life. There is a scene in the movie "Casino" which I'm pretty sure is based on me, where the manager goes down to the Casino kitchen and blows-up about how many blueberries are in the blueberry muffins. I don't know for sure, but I really did do that, and the story made its rounds, lol.


All this time, I was a Fascist, and I was always proud of it and did not try to hide it. I have always felt it was better to teach fascism by example. Contrary to all of the narratives and propaganda, it is truly a philosophy of love.

What I have realized a long time ago is that our Amerucan society is not prepared for hard times anymore. We’ve become very “soft” living in our world of plenty, where everything is often just a click away.

And although we are but a couple of generations removed from our grandparents, we are a world away from them in terms of moral snd societal skills and actually knowing how to build and maintain a healthy society. I believe it is time to change that.

I don’t know about you, but as a family man I will never feel comfortable putting the fate of my wife and children in the hands of today's society.

You Can BET On It!!

Today we are living in strange and frightful times. I believe the honeymoon period for our modern society has come to a close. And things are not going to get any cheaper or easier moving forward. That’s why the time to take action is NOW.

It’s up to each and every one of us to take matters into our own hands and implement the society we’ll need to survive what’s coming our way and keep our families safe. We have to do this as AMERICANS! Nobody else will.

I AM NOT some great authoritarian leader like Caesar, Mussolini, or George Washington. But that man is out there somewhere. Perhaps my book will enlighten him, encourage him, inspire him, or help this great leader manifest in some other way.

This book is available for sale via Rabid Publishing for $59, but readers of Fascipedia.org get it for free. Just click the type of copy you want, and enjoy the instant download.

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