Opinion - Fascism Isn’t What Americans Think it Is, and That’s Why Americans Are Losing the Fight Against Marxism

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Fascism Isn’t What Americans Think it Is, and That’s Why Americans Are Losing the Fight Against Marxism

Yesterday, I sat down over coffee to write an essay about an organized bombing campaign by a left-wing extremist targeting the political opposition. But by the time I’d finished a woman athlete I'd never heard of, some ugly half-jew/Black lesbian basketballer-cum-activist managed to get herself arrested by Putin and is now rotting in the idiot wing of some Russian fascility where they put the politically stupid.

That, my friends, is an extreme pace of social collapse, one that should leave you profoundly unsettled. And yet while I’ve long had the uncomfortable suspicion that Marxism would rise in America during my lifetime, across the world in fact, I’ve also suspected that would be because Americans, many of them, enough of them, even especially the good ones were never really taught what Fascism and Marxism really are. 95% of the info out there, including what is in textbooks, is pure propaganda.

I am talking about open, in-your-face Marxism.

What is Marxism? This wave of violence  is Marxism coming to life. Now I suspect when I say this, you feel conflicted. One part of you probably says, “I know that, you idiot!!” — while another part, trying to be reasonable, says “but this isn’t really, you know, MARXISM marxism.” How curious. Am I right? Do you have something like this unconscious inner dialogue going on? I’d bet that you do. But why?

The reason is that we Americans have been badly miseducated about FASCISM. Yes, bear with me, there is a connection. We have been told a terrible and stupid lie, that I will come to. That part of you that objects, “but this isn’t Marxism, it's fascism” does so because somewhere, probably in grade school, and then all over again in college, you were taught the definition that every American is taught. Fascism is the “concentration of state and economic power.”

Now, let’s think about this for a second. If this is fascism, then Britain’s NHS, France’s retirement system, and Germany’s high speed rail network meet this definition, too. Except that drfinition changes when we are talking about AntiFa, correct?

In fact, this propaganda is the precise opposite of reality. Fascism means goods designed not for judeo-profit, but explicitly to make everyone better off, regardless of their position in society, their caste, creed, place; which is why we call them “public” goods. And yet when you lo9k at Marxism in reality  it is anti-white, anti-male, pro LGBT+, one of violence, censorship, anti-constitution, anti-American, etc., yet many equate fascism with Antifa and Marxism.  Isn’t that, well, strangely, bafflingly ignorant?

I want you to see the point. The definition of fascism Americans have been taught, at least in books like "Liberal Fascism" and by people like Dinesh D'Souza,  is tragically and funnily backwards. So much so that it quite literally makes no sense at all, it falls apart on the merest examination. What is it really defining, if it’s not defining fascism? These sources are describing Marxism generally, and judeo-Marxism specifically.

Americans have been taught that socialism is fascism. Not even totalist communism, a la Soviet Russia, or even even lightweight social democracy. Quite literally, under the terms of this bizarre definition, “the concentration of state and economic power”, Americans are left badly, deeply, and profoundly confused.

But wait! If we pay reparations to the Blacks, or force people into public healthcare, or allow AntiFa and BLM to riot, isn’t that a step on the road to fascism? LOL NO! of course not: it MARXISM. Say this with me, MARXISM.

All this bad shit they keep calling fascism, is actually Marxism. I’ll come back to exactly why. Do you see how convoluted our logic grows, how dim our reason becomes, when our definitions begin from a backwards place?

Now. The interesting question is why? WHY are Americans taught that socialism (Meaning Communism) is fascism; when in fact the diametrical opposite is true? The reason is quite simple, but to really understand it, and you will not like the explanation, we need to consider America’s gruesome, weird, and terrible history.

Fascism is best seen this way. A person who believes that there is a hierarchy of personhood, that people are not actually all physically or mentally equal, only equal SPIRITUALLY, and believes in UNITY, and PATRIOTISM, and nation as an extended family...is a fascist. A movement composed of such people is a fascist movement. A government managing such a project is a fascist government. By this correct, true, and inpropagandized definition, most people reading this will call themselves a fascist.

But that truth creates a very big problem for America. If that definition is true — you are welcome to think about whether it is,  then America was a very fascist country for a very long time, and many Americans have always been welcoming to fascist ideas, because the central organizing principle of American life was just such patriotism and its institutionalization. To be clear, America has never been a fascist state, but we have fascist roots that go all the way back to the beginning.


So now we come to a difficult truth, one that has been perhaps too difficult for America to ever really face, and that is why it is where it is now.

You see, the problem is that we really fought on the wrong side, as Gen. Patton said on numerous occasions. The Germand didn’t begin by being America’s enemies. they were its great admirers. they openly studied America’s long history to model their own laws on. Mussolini and Italo Balbo were darlings of America's press, George Washington had more power than Adolf Hitler. Prior to WW2, fascism was HUGE here.

Now, Americans are easily manipulated, and are wanting to disown this legacy, were the left are comparing anything "white" to fascism and so on. But these are inaccurate, twisted Marxist terms, and they twist everything, and leaves us unable to ever really untwist it much, either, as long as we keep convincing ourselves that fascism is all dictators, oppression, and dystopias. (Hence, I don’t say any of this to condemn, blame, or judge you, by the way. We just need to see fascism without the Marxist filter. I say these difficult things for the sake of America. As hard as that might be to swallow, or even accept. I wish only the best for you, really, which is the attitude our constitutional republic demands of us, I think, but I digress.)

Americans are being taught that socialism is fascism, but American culture, and history aren't. The Marxist echoes, our American ideals of patriotism and nationalism and so on, were something repellent, maybe, but also to be tolerated, in the “market” or “battle” of “ideas”. That inverted legacy, that re-written history, is what makes America ever more vulnerable to today’s Marxist collapse...and that is by design. Because when one doesn’t know what he is seeing, one is just as blind as if one cannot see at all.

Let’s consider the question now;  is what we see today really fascism? You know, fascism fascism, the real thing, as our unconscious minds are being told?

Without the propagandized filtering, what ee are seeing is clearly Marxism.

One: While fascism is ancient, and goes back at least as far as the Roman Republic, Plato's writings, and Spartan society, Marxism is a modern phenomenon, it’s sometimes said, because the machinery of the state is used bureaucratically to control and subjugate people, with accounting and ledgers and all the techniques of modern management.

Two: Marxism has always included an organized campaign of genocide, and America has never done any such thing, and therefore it is not YET Marxist. But we are on the threshold, I am serious. If you doubt this, you badly misunderstand what “genocide” is. Because simply limiting the reproductive destiny of a group qualifies. It would be a foolish kind of ignorance to suppose America’s century or so of culture destruction, race mixing and abortion promotion have not been a long, slow genocide, one of history’s greatest. Disbelieve? Check white birthrates over the years.

And that brings us back to that very uncomfortable place, because now we are face to face with a shattering truth. We are backwards people, thinking backwards thoughts, and among these, one of the most backwards is that fascism is socialism.

I don’t want to mince words, on this eve of a massacre. It is believing lies like these that have made us history’s great fools, easy, gullible marks for the worst among us, the judeo-Marxists. After all, we were taught that fascism is an idea never to be tolerated, but not burning our cities, not race-mixing, not transing our own kids. For those things we should be TOLERANT!  This is ingrained in us to our very pores. “Hey — maybe that billionaire jew really is just smarter, tougher, better!” Ah, I suppose that means, too, then, that that farmer wasn’t. I suppose maybe we should take away everyone's guns, not arm the teachers, police, and pilots. Do you see my point?

So Americans struggle to understand fascism and Marxism because they have been taught to think about it not just poorly, but in a fatally backwards way, from the very beginning. they’ve been taught the stupid, foolish, lie that socialism is fascism.

...that defunding the police is somehow fascist...that kneeling to BLM is somehow fascist...but genociding Palistinians is somehow a good thing being done by "our greatest ally".

Fascism, in the way of public goods, is the one thing that, by equalizing societies, prevents and mitigates judeo-Marxism, just as it has done in the past, where it was successfully fended off until America was duped into entering the World's War Against Communism on the wrong side.

Over and over again, American received one message: socialism equals fascism, but institutionalized Marxism is good. So, quite naturally, when the classical sequence of Marxist collapse began — comically textbook style, no less — demagogue, demonization, scapegoating, camps, trials, mass rioting, no true American could quite anticipate, comprehend, or prevent any of it. (Although actual fascists predicted this)

Instead, they were shocked, every single day, more or less. “How can this be happening to us?” they cried. “We are better than this!” they shouted — even as the mass injections began. "Stop all this FASCISM!" But we were the ones in perpetual denial of that terrible fact, it was we who remained altogether too comfortable with Marxism's expressions, ideals, and component thoughts. We had to tell ourselves it was the one thing it had never been at all,  but that made it altogether too easy to tolerate. That’s always the price of denial, isn’t it?

So funnily, ironically, tragically, the sequence of the Marxist Regime began, picked up steam, and soon enough had wrecked our nation’s norms, values, institutions, rules, codes, expectations, and all this was because America, trying to run away from the ugly truth, made itself impotent to slow it, stop it, reverse it, too. If you think fascism is the sa.e as Marxism, after all,  you will fight fascism, but let Marxism flourish. And that is exactly what America’s politicians, intellectuals, thinkers, and pundits did, at the rigged election of a senile Marxist puppet. “The real threat to us is Patriots!" And what about Hillary’s emails? Who cares if he calls some dirty, filthy white people names? Grow up!!”

Society has been constructed by now on a terrible and stupid lie. Socialism was fascism, but figgting communism had never been. "Those awful whites! We must put them in their place, with the fist, the knife, the bullet!”, that's right, I almost quoted Che just then.

Fascism didn’t come to America. It didn’t even come back to America. It was born in ancient times, nourished here with centuries pioneer spirit, American know-how, and a sense of patriotism and duty to our country. Americans tell ourselves proudly that the real monsters were the people we had once been, and not the people we are now. When we saved those communists it was a good thing, and so universities full of Marxist professors is good too.

It’s hard to face the truth of yourself. The guilt and shame and fear that come with it. Is this really who I am? And yet until and unless you do, you will stay just that person. If you ask me, that is what the lie, that Fascism equals Marxism, has done to America. Made it incapable of ever really changing very much.

Marxism? It’s this, my frens. The rule of power, committed to subvert America, with the now successful goal of institutionalizing it, with a little bit more intimidation and fear every day. The lie that Marxism isn’t this, but fascism is, is what this phase of turmoil America is collapsing into now, day by day, a little more explosively, almost inevitable. And I wonder, and you should too, whether we have learned anything yet, and if it is too late to undo this fucking mess.